Ace 4 Safe Trails

Formerly Action Coalition for Equestrians, our new group is larger in scope; advocating safe trails for all users -- equestrians, hikers and cyclists.

Did You Know?

Your Help is Urgently needed!

This may well be the last chance for you to make a real difference in keeping Folsom Lake State Park officials from adding speeding mountain and E-bikes to your favorite Park trails! Ace4SafeTrails has filed a lawsuit against State Parks on behalf of trail users and we need your help!

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Help Ace 4 Safe Trails work with local agencies to properly supervise our trails systems and separate fast & slow moving users. It's easy - just send 'em a message!

About Us

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What We’re All About…

People have recognized the ACE (Action Coalition for Equestrians) name for over 20 years, and have long associated ACE with its work dedicated to the preservation and growth of trails in the Sierra Foothills. We’re now entering our 21st year with the new name: ‘Ace4SafeTrails‘. This name reflects a new purpose to serve a variety of trail users with a continued focus on trail user safety.

Our Journey

As Action Coalition for Equestrians (ACE), we worked to preserve and expand the availability of Northern California public trails for equestrian use for over 20 years. ACE performed many public service projects in the parks, funded by donations and volunteer labor.

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