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California’s “Outdoors for All” initiative does not include trail safety!

According to this recent Press Release, State Parks has considerable ...

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News Story: The Danger E-bikes Pose due to High Speed Capabilities

Please read this jarring news article about the danger E-bikes ...

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Help Us Keep State Park Trails Safe!

Ace 4 Safe Trails has filed a lawsuit against State Parks on behalf of trail users like you, and we need your financial support!!

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A growing e-bike trend in Marin County, it will reach this area soon

The link below points out a growing problem in the Bay Area: affluent teens becoming a public safety hazard on their e-bikes.

Ace 4 Safe Trails Press Release

Ace 4 Safe Trails files lawsuit against California State Parks

On January 26, 2023 California Department of Parks and Recreation ...

Signage and Pioneer Express Trail for Horses

State Parks files misleading Negative Declaration

State Parks submitted a blatantly false statement in their official public "Neg Dec" filing back in September, 2022, and they must be held accountable for willfully ignoring the public's documented safety concerns!

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Ace Takes Legal Action

On many occasions, Ace 4 Safe Trails has expressed our concerns to the State Park Commissioners regarding their plan to implement "multi-use trails" and were met with a lack of response in each instance. Therefore, we have concluded we've no choice but to take legal action. Here's how to help...

New York Creek

Folsom Lake State Park plans to convert main trails to ‘multi-use’

We are very concerned that Folsom Lake State Park's plan to convert many existing single track trails into "multi-use trails" will create very dangerous and unpleasant conditions ...

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Ace 4 Safe Trails in the News!

ACE 4 Safe Trails represented you at the Oct. 2022 California State Park and Recreation Commission.

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Where Do You Come In?

We need YOU to help ACE 4 Safe Trails work with local agencies to properly supervise our trails systems.