A growing e-bike trend in Marin County, it will reach this area soon

The link below points out a growing problem in the Bay Area: affluent teens becoming a public safety hazard on their e-bikes. The problem is compounded by their parents indulging them and providing little to no oversight of their activities. It will reach our area soon, if it’s not here already, and the e-bike problem will not only be on our park trails, but increasingly in our community parks, around sports fields, parking lots, and many other public areas.

Two Marin County communities are trying to rein in ‘reckless’ teens on speedy e-bikes, San Francisco Chronicle, May 1, 2023.

Amazing that our local government and State Park officials aren’t being pro-active in addressing it, they seem to need someone to get seriously injured or killed before they take any action! This mayor’s comment probably fell on deaf ears:

“There’s this urgency, someone’s going to get hurt or killed and people are going to point fingers and say why didn’t anybody take action on this.”

Mill Valley Mayor Jim Wickham

This is why Ace 4 Safe Trails is being so vocal and activist about the safety hazards speeding bikes are to pedestrians and members of the public!

Mike Finta