Ace 4 Safe Trails files lawsuit against California State Parks

On January 26, 2023 California Department of Parks and Recreation filed a Notice of Determination (NOD) for the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP), providing public notice of this project’s approval.

Another CEQA document (Form F) filed by State Parks asks: “If applicable, describe any of the project’s areas of controversy known to the Lead Agency, including issues raised by agencies and the public.” State Park’s official response was: “No issues were raised by the agencies or the public”.

Despite 111 pages of public comments and concerns, identifying “areas of controversy” and “issues raised by the public” over State Park’s Trail Plan creating serious safety hazards for trail users, State Parks has gone on record and falsely claimed that no issues were raised by the public.

State Parks has chosen to dismiss the public’s many comments about the dangerous conditions which the RTMP will be creating for current Park trail users by adding speeding mountain & E-bikes to existing hiking/equestrian trails, and designating them as “multi-use trails.” State Parks has ignored documented cases of injuries and even a recent death of pedestrians hit by speeding bike riders on other nearby “multi-use trails”. Most importantly, State Parks has ignored repeated requests from the public and even the recommendation of its own independent trail planning consultant (back in 2003) to create separate parallel trails for “high speed and low speed trail users” within Folsom Lake SRA.

Therefore, on Feb 23, 2023 the public benefit non-profit corporation Ace 4 Safe Trails filed a lawsuit against California State Parks for its recently approved Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP).

Contrary to State Park’s claim in its CEQA filings, the approved RTMP does not “promote public enjoyment of the parks’ natural, cultural, and scenic resources.” Instead, the RTMP’s “multi-use trails” plan will substantially degrade trail user’s outdoor experience, it will substantially decrease pedestrian & equestrian trail user’s safety, and it will significantly reduce the public’s enjoyment of nature on Folsom Lake State Park trails. Implementing the RTMP’s “multi-use trails” will expose Park trail users to dangerous situations not currently existing, and it will cause displacement of current Park trail users and will cause them to seek safer trails elsewhere.

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