Ace Takes Legal Action

Hello Friends, neighbors and fellow trail users,

During the past 6 months, Ace 4 Safe Trails has been hard at work on behalf of trail users. We have been raising awareness of State Park trail managers and State Park and Recreation Commissioners about the serious safety concerns we have over Folsom Lake State Park manager’s plans to add speeding mountain and E-bikes to existing trails at Folsom Lake SRA.

Ace 4 Safe Trails has spoken at several California State Park’s and Park Commissioner’s meetings, and we have sent them letters expressing our concerns with State Park’s plan to implement “multi-use trails”. Their multi-use trails plan, which combines all fast moving and slow moving trail users on the same single track trails is dangerous and it ruins the enjoyable experience in nature all trail users seek. Instead of creating stressful, unsafe multi-use trails, Ace 4 Safe Trails has been urging State Parks to provide separate high speed and low speed trails, which would be far safer and more enjoyable for Park visitors.

Due to State Park official’s lack of response and their refusal to meet with us to discuss the issues, Ace 4 Safe Trails has concluded we must take legal action to stop State Park’s ill-conceived Change-In-Use trail plans. We found an attorney who has the knowledge and experience, and who has successfully challenged State Parks in the past.

At the direction of Ace 4 Safe Trails, attorney Don Mooney recently informed State Parks we are formally objecting to their claim of a Negative Declaration for their Road and Trail Management Plan at Folsom Lake SRA. A Negative Declaration by State Parks is an attempt by them to avoid the scrutiny associated with an EIR (Environmental Impact Report) required under CEQA environmental and safety regulations. For your reference Don’s letter is attached below.

Ace 4 Safe Trails is a small but dedicated group of concerned trail users with limited resources, and any contribution you could make to our legal fund will help us with our challenge to State Park’s RTMP.


Since Ace 4 Safe Trails is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contribution is tax deductible.

We greatly appreciate your support for the important work we are doing on behalf of our friends, neighbors and fellow trail users.